Is work damaging your health or the health of someone you know? We can help.
New Alberta Workers Program
That's Danger Spring Tour 2016
Working It Out Fall Tour

For Workers.

Since 1983 the Alberta Workers’ Health Centre has been helping workers with their health and safety concerns by providing innovative and engaging programming and services.

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Engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking professional theatre productions that inform young workers of their rights to a safe and healthy workplace.

FREE OF CHARGE to Alberta schools

We collaborate with individuals and organizations to help create healthy workplaces. 

We help you assess your needs, provide research, information and referrals and work with you to develop effective strategies for change.

We collect the stories of workers and share these stories to start conversations, make workplaces safer and to achieve better compensation for workplace injuries and illnesses. 

Welcome to the Workus Project – stories told by workers, about working.

Worker Rights & Resources

Resources to help you make your workplace healthier and safer and to understand and use your rights in the workplace.

Improving Workplace Health and Safety for Temporary Foreign Workers and other New to Alberta Workers

  • Education and training on workplace health and safety rights and responsibilities.
  • Resources and support for accessing information and using these rights.

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