Student / Young Worker Resources

You have the right to a safe, healthy and fair workplace.
There are laws to help protect you at work.

You have the right to know the dangers of your job.
You have the right to proper training and safety equipment.
You have the right to refuse dangerous work.
Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is the government agency that deals with occupational health and safety for most workers in the province.They have a hotline that anyone can call: Occupational Health and Safety Contact Centre: Edmonton: 780-415-8690, or toll free: 1-866-415-8690
As of June 1, 2018 there are new rules to protect workers, including changes to the Right to Refuse Dangerous Work. Find out more here.  
You have the right to report a work-related injury to the WCB.
The Alberta Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) handles claims related to work injuries and illnesses. Phone toll free 1-866-922-9221

You have the right to minimum wage, overtime, vacation pay, to be paid for training, and more. You have the right to file a complaint.
Employment Standards is the Government of Alberta agency that regulates and enforces wages, vacation pay, holiday pay, hours of work, etc. Phone 780-427-3731 in Edmonton, or toll-free 1-877-427-3731
If you are 13-15 or 16-17, check out the specific Employment Standards for employees under age 18.
*Note that these rules changed for young people on June 1, 2018.

You have the right to be free from harassment and discrimination at work, and the right to file a complaint.
Alberta Human Rights Commission is the agency responsible for hearing and investigating your complaints about Harassment, Discrimination, and Human Rights in the Workplace. Phone 780-427-7661 in Edmonton, or 403-297-6571 in Calgary.
Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services is an Alberta website if you need help for yourself or someone you know who is being sexually harassed or assaulted in or outside of the workplace. You can also contact the Kidsí Help Phone:

Interested in Unions?
The Alberta Labour Relations Board is the provincial body that makes and enforces the rules about union-management relations
The Alberta Federation of Labour is the umbrella body for most unions in the province.

Non-profit organizations in Calgary and Edmonton that specialize in providing
you with free help regarding your workplace concerns:
The Edmonton Community Legal Centre: 780-702-1725
Calgary Legal Guidance: 403-234-9266
Workers' Resource Centre (Calgary): 403-264-8100

More resources:
The Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta provides information and education on the Law through its Canadian Legal FAQs website. It has specific information on Youth and the Law at Work.
Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations for the province of Alberta, including the obligations of workers and employers and the process to follow if you believe you face imminent danger at work (Right to Refuse Unsafe Work), or phone toll free 1-866-415-8690
The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) is a non-profit health and safety information centre with online databases of workplace health hazards Their Young Workers Zone has specific information for young workers.

Some Questions to Ask Your Employer:
1.    What are the dangers of my job?
2.    Who will be training me? Who will be training me in job safety?
3.    Is there any safety gear I will be expected to wear? Who will train me in how to use it?
4.    Do I have a union, and if so who is my Union Steward?
5.    What is our harassment policy?
6.    Do we have health and safety meetings?
       What are my health and safety responsibilities?
7.    Who do I ask if I have a health and safety question?
8.    What are the emergency procedures and where is the emergency equipment?
9.    What do I do if I or a co-worker gets hurt? First Aid? WCB?
10.  Who do I talk to if I have questions about my paycheque and schedule?

If you are not satisfied with the help you get from the agencies that are responsible for health and safety, workplace harassment or employment conditions, please contact the Alberta Workers' Health Centre to discuss other possible solutions.

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