Best Practice Guidelines:
Effective Worker Participation in Hazard Assessments

The Guidelines contain 7 Modules, all available as individual pdf downloads:
Introduction and Table of Contents click here 417kb

Module 1.0: Research click here 1285kb
This module includes two research documents that helped us in our work of creating the Best Practices.

Module 2.0: Worker Participation, Why It Matters click here 439kb

Module 2.1: Hazard Assessments, Why It Matters click here 362kb

Module 3.0: Hazard Assessments, What Are They? click here 437kb

Module 4.0: How to Improve Worker Participation (part 1) click here 405kb

Module 4.1: How to Improve Worker Participation (part 2) click here 303kb

Module 5.0: Index of Resources click here 281kb
This module contains a listing of a number of hands-on tools, practices and additional research.
The Additional Tools and Resources listed are available for download here

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