Additional Tools and Resources

Best Practice Guidelines:
Effective Worker Participation in Hazard Assessments

Additional Tools and Resources

Resource Documents give you additional hands-on tools for use in making your workplaces safer and healthier by increasing worker participation.

Research Documents are documents that may not be cited in the Best Practice Guidelines but were used by us in the research that led to the Guidelines. Our primary research documents are contained in Module 1.0

Resource Documents

New Eyes click here 5172kb
This is a comprehensive set of tools intended for all new or established workplace safety and health committees and worker safety and health
representatives in Manitoba. Specific tools are included as an entire pdf package and as separate pdfs below.
New Eyes A Using this manual.pdf
New Eyes F How do you find symptoms and hazards.pdf
New Eyes G What fixes hazards.pdf
New Eyes - Prevention triangle.pdf
New Eyes SH Tool 1 Five steps to healthy & safe workplace.pdf
New Eyes SH Tool 2 Hazards - categories.pdf
New Eyes SH Tool 3 Inspections - doing them.pdf
New Eyes SH Tool 4 Inspecting all hazards with SOBANE screening.pdf
New Eyes SH Tool 5 Inspections - What the HEC.pdf
New Eyes SH Tool 6 Ergonomic hazards - categories.pdf
New Eyes SH Tool 8A Ergonomic hazard myths - computer workstations.pdf
New Eyes SH Tool 8B Ergonomic hazard myths - women.pdf
New Eyes SH Tool 9 Ergonomic hazards - Looking for symptoms.pdf
New Eyes SH Tool 10 Ergonomic hazards - Specifics checklist, SOBANE approach.pdf
New Eyes SH Tool 11 Incident investigation report form.pdf

Worker Representation and Participation Guide click here
A comprehensive guide from Australia which provides information on the representation and participation of workers in health and safety matters at the workplace, as well as guidance on resolving health and safety issues.

Hazards Related to Inequity click here
A Hazard Assessment Worksheet that helps you to identify possible hazards that are related to workplace inequality.

Multilingual-Guide-6th-edition click here
A Multilingual Guide to Worker Training Materials on the Web prepared by the Labor Occupational Health Program Center for Occupational and Environmental Health University of California at Berkeley.

Selected Resources: Preventing and reducing the use of toxic chemicals at work click here
A great resource, with links. Prepared for the National Worker Safety and Health Summit by Dorothy Wigmore with help from Eileen Senn, Mike Wilson, Trying ChemHAT on, and others; Version 3: November, 2012.

Safety and Health Management Systems eTool | Module 4/Creating Change - Safety and Health Program Management/Fact Sheets/ Worksite Analysis click here
This short bulletin/tool provides an insightful cautionary tale and reminds us that change analysis should be performed whenever a significant modification or addition is made to a process.

The inputs for prep work click here
A chart outlining the way of preparing for hazard assessments.

Mental Injury Prevention Tools click here
A guide and resource kit providing a BASIC understanding of workplace stress and how to deal with it.

Additional Research Documents

O'Connor et al (2012) Navy CRM click here
This is an evaluation of the effectiveness of the crew resource management program in naval aviation.

Front-line worker engagement in HCAP health care programme 2013 click here
This article illustrates and discusses the need to identify gaps and opportunities for integrating front-line hospital workers into safety efforts.

Front line health care workers improve patient worker OHS 2013 click here
A follow-up to the above article, outlining health care workers' views of themselves as having an important role in health and safety.

OHSMs - When are they good for your health? click here
A 2011 report from the European Trade Union Institute that looks at Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and their effectiveness in practice.

Jensen - Risk Assessment - A Regulatory Strategy for Stimulating Working Environment Activities 2001 click here
This article analyzes the Danish approach to workplace assessment (WPA) following European requirements to establish legislation on occupational health and safety.

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